Other Opportunities to Learn

There are many national and international field schools in forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, and archaeology. 


Below is a sample listing of available field schools that have permanent/annual offerings. This list is not exhaustive and other opportunities may be found on association websites (e.g., AABA or AAFS), listservs, social media, and internet searches. Any hands-on experience with archaeological methods, human osteology, or forensic science can help better prepare you for a future career in forensic anthropology and develop a more competitive graduate school application.

American Institute of Archaeology

Type: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Please see the American Institute of Archaeology for a running list of available field schools in archaeology and bioarchaeology.


Archaeotek Field School

Type: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Location: various sites in Transylvania

Website: https://www.archaeotek-archaeology.org/ 


Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR) Project

Type: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Location:  San Ignacio, BZ, various sites

Website: www.bvar.org


Bioarchaeology in Croatia I & II: Bioarchaeology in the lab & field

Type: Bioarchaeology

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Website:  https://www.international.msstate.edu/files/OsteologyLabMethodsExcavation.pdf


Center for American Archaeology Advanced Field School

Type: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Location:  Kampsville, IL

Website: https://www.caa-archeology.org/programs/advanced-field-school/ 


Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification, Michigan State University

Type: Forensic Anthropology

Location:  London and Bournemouth, England

Website: https://educationabroad.isp.msu.edu/students/getting-started/major-advising-pages/anthropology-major-advising-page/


Forensic Anthropology Field School, University of West Florida

Type: Forensic Anthropology

Location:  Pensacola, FL

Website: https://uwf.edu/cassh/departments/anthropology/field-schools/general-information/  


Forensic Anthropology/Bioarchaeology Field School, Utica College

Type: Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology

Location:  Albania and Greece

Website: https://www.utica.edu/forensic-anthro-field-school


Forensic Archaeology Field School, Department of Anthropology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Type: Forensic Anthropology

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Website: https://www.smu.ca/academics/arts-field-schools.html


Forensic Aviation Archaeology Field School, University of Maryland

Type: Forensic Archaeology

Location: Austria

Website: https://globalmaryland.umd.edu/offices/education-abroad/program/11516


Maya Culture History Field School

Type: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Location:  Belize

Website: https://educationabroad.isp.msu.edu/students/getting-started/major-advising-pages/anthropology-major-advising-page/


Maya Research Program

Type: Archaeology

Location: Belize



Slavia Field School in Archaeology

Type: Bioarchaeology

Location: various sites in Poland

Website: http://slavia.org/ 


Tell Timai Field School 

Type: Bioarchaeology

Location: Egypt

Website: http://www.telltimai.org/