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ABFA Diplomates Email Distribution List Policy


The intent of this policy is to (1) facilitate appropriate electronic business communications aligned with the aims and scope of the ABFA, and (2) protect email recipients from unwanted, unnecessary, or inappropriate electronic communication.

  1. The list is to be used solely to conduct ABFA business and disseminate information relevant to ABFA business.

  2. Limit images and attachments and ensure links are secure. 

  3. Do not “reply all” to emails unless specified or requested by the sender.

  4. Limit use of the email list during non-business hours (e.g., weekends).

  5. Unacceptable email practices:

    1. Communicating in a manner that may be interpreted as harassment, threatening, offensive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, or disruptive.

    2. Using language or images related to sensitive or personal issues such as religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, or disability.

    3. Soliciting for donations, subscriptions, sensitive information, employment, or participation in research.

    4. Sending unauthorized marketing emails or spam.

    5. Distributing copyright-protected content.

  6. Bring inappropriate use of the ABFA Diplomates email list to the ABFA President.

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